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      calendar year engineering performance

      44,2010.9 Shaoxing, Zhejiang scenic Xianglin, 14.3 meters high; 58.2 m diameter copper lotus from Division I construction.
      43,2010.9 Fujian Sambo Buddha is 7.2 meters high.
      To celebrate the remarkable Shanghai World Expo on May 42,2010, I SiCheng cast Expo Jinding Expo Admiralty Expo scat
      Expo Baoding Expo sheep statue series of commemorative art boutique.
      41,2010 In total height of 22.9 meters long, 10.3 meters wide, Shanghai Jing'an Temple Diamond throne tower pedestal five
      Pedestal established a senior fifth pagodas, the middle tower 13 floors and 11 floors, surrounded by a small tower, Tasha the five pagoda Li have.
      Expected that this large bronze foundries the ancient building project will be completed in April 2010.
      40,2009 Shanghai Jing'an Temple two different Sakyamuni Buddha is 8.8 meters high, respectively, to the copper-nickel alloy, silver casting.
      Silver including 8.8 meters high Buddha is the world's largest piece casting silver Buddha.
      39,2009 Fujian Lingtai Mountain total height of 45.99 meters set the Guangfo in Division I forging, casting. (Expected to be completed in 2010)
      38,2008 in Ningxia "national unity Baoding five meters high.
      37,2008 in Guangxi national unity Baoding five meters high.
      36,2007 Lushan Donglin Temple Amitabha, the total height of 54.36 meters.
      (Currently in progress. Expected to be completed in October 2010)
      35,2007 in Inner Mongolia "national unity Baoding five meters high.
      Cupronickel casting 34,2007 Shanghai Jing'an Temple "Fu Hui Baoding 10.23 meters high.
      33,2006 young Hyde of Horyuji of Tibetan Buddhist statues, 16.6 meters high.
      32,2006 in Beijing Taean Temple the Daan Bell 2.8 meters high, 1.9 meters in diameter.
      31,2006 Hunan Xixin temple bell, 2.5 meters high, 1.68 meters in diameter.
      30,2006 Changzhou the Tianning copper tower 153.79 meters high (13 layers).
      29,2006 was installed on the Shenzhen Bao'an Square Eight Horses "Pentium" sculpture 46 meters long, 8 meters wide and 12 meters high.
      2006 -------------------------------------------- Guizhou Province the CPPCC Auditorium harmony Baoding 5.6 meters high.
      27,2005 in Xinjiang "national unity Baoding five meters high.
      26,2005 Hunan Chenzhou in Huabai Fu Ding "high 10.099 m.
      25,2005 Changzhou Tian Ning Monastery adjacent Lo Zhena Buddha, Guanyin, Samantabhadra, Manjusri Buddha is 10 meters high.
      24,2005 Changzhou Tian Ning Temple "Four Diamond" are 6.6 meters high.
      23,2005 Changzhou Tian Ning Temple Incense Burner 5.5 meters long, three meters high.
      22,2004 in Boao, Hainan sided Avalokitesvara 20.8 meters high.
      21,2003 Dali, Yunnan Chong Sheng Temple "Five Hundred Arhats" 1.85 meters high.
      20,2003 the Shanxi Taiyuan Siyuan Square "Spring and Autumn Ding" 8.8 meters high.
      19,2002 the Guang'an City "seeking truth from facts Baoding high 10 meters.
      18,2001 Tibetan national unity Baoding five meters high.
      Wanping City, Beijing, Sino-Japanese War sculptures 17,2000 38 are 4.3 m
      (China's largest art casting project)
      16,2000 Hunan Hengshan "Hua Wanshou large tripod 9.9 meters high.
      15,1999 Zhaoqing Dinghushan ", Zhaoqing Baoding" 6.68 meters high.
      14,1999 Zhengzhou Huangshan Mountain resort the Yanhuang Square "Yan Huang Baoding 6.6 meters high.
      13,1999 years the Nanhai Guanyin large censer five meters high.
      12,1998 Wutai Mountain in Shanxi Monju 4 meters high.
      11,1998 Taiwan Ciji Jing Si Hall 57 meters high flying relief, a total of 3300 square meters.
      10,1997 "return Baoding 5.1 meters high.
      9,1997 Nantou County, Taiwan Dun and Miyatake Fortuna 38 meters high.
      8,1996 statue of Guangxi Qinzhou "Sun Yat-sen" high 18.88 meters.
      7,1995 Shanxi mysterious in the Temple of the Big Buddha 4 meters high.
      6,1995 station Long Guanyin, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 9.9 meters high.
      5,1994 Taiwan Chung Tai Chan Monastery Wufang Buddha 9 meters high.
      4,1993 Singapore Sambo Temple Four Bodhisattvas six meters high.
      3,1993 Jiuhuashan Amitabha 9 meters high.
      2,1993 Taiwan Douliou City Guanyin statue is 11 meters high.
      1, 1993 in Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Pavilion furnace is 4.28 m high.

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